Excerpt from MECTI's podcast "Mars Now," featuring a 2056 interview with Host Clifford Stillman and MECTI-1 Commander Sam Flynn, six weeks before MECTI-1's historic launch for Mars.



Bill Parmentier - Commander Sam Flynn
Dustin Miles - Clifford Stillman
John Richter - John


Check out Seasons 1-3 at www.tfco.us, and everywhere podcasts are heard.

Season 4 is coming soon, we promise!!

Mike Chapman of mochapman.com chats with Transmissions From Colony One's creator John Richter about all things TFCO

First Unheard Message

Audio teaser for upcoming 4th season of Transmissions From Colony One.






You can find the first three seasons of Transmissions From Colony One at tfco.us or anywhere podcasts are heard.

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Audio Teaser for Season 4 of Transmissions From Colony One

Teaser for the upcoming 4th season of Transmissions From Colony One.




Complete Season Three

Complete third season of Transmissions From Colony One.

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